Operation: Blood Diamond


Price $35 Pre-reg

$45 Day of


Location: Present Day Sierra Leone, western Africa.


Situation:  Two of the largest diamond companies, De Beers and Diamond Supply Corp, are in public negotiations for a lucrative mining area in central Sierra Leone. What the public doesn’t know is that both companies have secretly hired private contractors and are fighting a very real secret war for control of the region. De Beers hired a South African company called Executive Outcomes while Diamond Supply Corp hired a London based company called Sandline International. However, there is a third element. The People’s Army of Africa (PAA) also operates in the region.  These well seasoned guerrilla fighters are no laughing matter. They have one weakness, money. The PAA will fight for the highest bidder.   It seems that the stage is set for the final battle over the control of the diamond mine.


Uniforms:  GEAR COLOR DOES NOT MATTER!!! No weapon type restrictions.


Executive Outcomes- Any tan based camo to include multi-cam.  If it has the word “Desert” in the name of the camo ie. Desert Marpat, then it’s probably tan.


Sandline International- Any green based camo to include ACU. If it has the word “Woodland” in the name of the camo, it’s most likely green.


People’s Army of Africa- Rag tag militia. Civilian tops with military bottoms or vise versa. No Helmets. No full military uniforms.





  •        Each squad will have one medic. Each player must carry 2 ace style or MSW style tourniquets. Player can be healed twice per life.
  •        Wounded players may be dragged to a medic.
  •       Bleed out time is 5 minutes.
  •      Each team’s hard respawn will be their starting point at the beginning of the game.
  •      All weapons are semi-auto ONLY, unless an internationally recognized support weapon, ie. Belt fed light or medium machine gun. We will allow RPK’s and IAR’s.
  •       Safety kills are not mandatory but are at the discretion of the players involved.  Safety kills are encouraged when one player has the opposing player “Dead to rights”.
  •      Any argument over a safety kill will result in both players being eliminated.
  •      Only the People’s Army of Africa (PAA) will have access and use of vehicles.
  •    The PAA may be hired by any team at anytime via the use of in game currency.
  •        The PAA will be issued colored armbands to denote what team they are currently working for. No armband means neutral.
  •       The PAA can be hired for 45 minutes at a time.  
  •        We are trying to get helicopter gun support for this event. The helicopter has no friends and will fire on all players.
  •       There is only one rule for the helicopter, DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, SHOOT OR EVEN POINT YOUR RIFLE AT THE HELICOPTER!

Sandline International (Green)

Executive Outcomes (Tan)


People’s Army of Africa (PAA)

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