PRE-REG- $40
WALK-ON- $45

Battle of Benghazi 2019

This is a 13-hour scenario loosely based off the events that transpired in Benghazi. If you have seen the movie, then you have a good idea of how this scenario will work.

PLAYER CAP- 50: The GRS team is tasked with protecting the ambassador along with security of the secret CIA base hidden in the city of Benghazi. Once the Ambo has been secured, GRS’ primary mission is to protect the covert base till a rescue convoy arrives at 8am. You must bring all gear, batteries, and any other items you will need for 13 hours into the CIA compound to sustain for 13 hours. GRS MUST BE 18+ years of age
GRS WILL BE ISSUED AMMO- Ammo type will be HPA .30 and HPA .30 Tracers. GRS will have multiple mission outside the wire to go collect more ammo. NO OUTSIDE AMMO WILL BE ALLOWED.

GRS Uniforms- Any military or Contractor uniform is permitted. GRS must wear helmets, this is the only uniform requirement. NVG’s are highly recommended, and only GRS can use NVG’s.

GRS Medic/Respawn Rules- All GRS players will carry two (2) ace style bandages or MSW tourniquets on their gear. GRS will have 6 medics total. Medic must tie bandage around a hit players upper arm to “heal” the wounded player. GRS players may only be healed twice. Upon the third hit, the GRS player must Play dead and wait for a CASEVAC. All wounded players must be physically dragged. Admin drag will only be used on stairs. Any GRS player can call for a CASEVAC on the radio frequency provided the day of the scenario. GRS players may respawn in groups of five only thru the use of the CASEVAC vehicle. We will make a short video to explain these rules better.

the OPFOR team is tasked with destroying the CIA compound and all infidels that dwell within.

OPFOR UNIFORM- civilian attire/ rag tag militia. NO HELMETS, NO NVG’S. NO FULL MILITARY UNIFORM. no weapons attachments except for a flashlight. These requirements might seem harsh but your strength will be in your numbers. OPFOR will outnumber GRS 3 to 1. There is no age restriction for the OPFOR team.

OPFOR Medic/ Respawn Rules- OPFOR will have one medic for every 12 OPFOR players. OPFOR will carry One ace style bandage or MSW tourniquet on their gear. OPFOR can only be “healed” by a medic once per life. Bleedout time 5min.

1700- Registration/ Chrono
1800- Safety/ Game Brief
1845- Deploy to starting points
1900- Game on
0800- GRS exfil via convoy/ ENDEX



Battle of Benghazi OPFOR


Battle of Benghazi GRS