Axis vs Allies Op: Under Lord

Axis vs Allies Op: Under Lord

The year is 1944. An Axis base near La Platiere, France has been discovered by the French resistance. According to the FR, this base supplies all the Axis forces within 50 miles. This includes the towns of Rully and Fontaines to the east. Allied forces have been called upon to liberate Fontaines and Rully before proceeding to wipe out the remainder of the Axis forces and destroy their base.

When: September 21st, 2019
Price: $35 pre-reg $40 walk on

Axis VS Allies: Operation Under Lord (WW2 event).

This is an invasion style event with Frago’s. Capture points will be marked around the AO with flag stations. The Allied force will raise the Blue flag while the Axis Forces will raise the Red flag to denote ownership of any given capture point. Frago’s will also be given to each team’s commanders. Completion of frago’s earn 100 points per frago. As the invasion pushes forward, supply lines will be stretched so plan accordingly. Hard respawns never change and there are no mobile respawns so choose your medics wisely.

Paratroopers- before the event has started, 10 paratroopers will be scattered behind enemy lines. PARATROOPERS WHO WOULD LIKE TO VOLUNTEER FOR THIS MUST:
1. Pre-Reg for this assignment (only ten tickets available for this assignment)
2. Must have a faithful recreation of a Paratrooper uniform. (not just the minimum standard)

French Resistance- French resistance Must Pre-reg (20 slots available)

Respawns- Players may respawn at their team’s respective main base.

Medic Rules- This will be a MEDIC game. Each player should carry two ace style bandages on them (not provided) MSW tourniquets are approved. When a player is hit, He /She will lay down with their RED rag displayed and must begin a 3 MINUTE BLEEDOUT. A medic may then tie the hit players bandage around the hit players arm. Hit player is alive and back in the game once he/she puts their RED rag away. This may be done twice, Upon the third hit, players MUST DO A 3 MINUTE BLEEDOUT BEFORE HEADING TO RESPAWN. Each 10-man squad will have one medic.

Weapons- WW2 weapons only. Rifles will be bolt /semi-automatic only. SMG’s will be semi/ fully automatic and must chrono under 350fps and have a 10ft MED for full auto fire. Machine guns can be full auto with a 50ft minimum engagement distance. Snipers will have a 100ft MED.
Captured Weapon Rule- Weapons do not need to match the faction you are playing as. As long as it’s a WW2 weapon, it may be used. Example: Playing as German Army using a Garand. Playing as Allied army using MG-42.

Chrono- 0-350fps with .25= no engagement distance
351-400fps = 10ft MED
401-500fps= 100ft MED
Over 500fps NOT ALLOWED

Grenades- EG-67 grenades are approved. Grenades have a ten-foot kill radius outside of buildings and a one room kill radius inside. Grenades must function as intended. Any airsoft product that has an audible report or ejects BB’s will count as a frag grenade. NO TENNIS BALLS, NO FIRE WORKS, NO NERF.

Allied- Any faithful recreation from an Allied nation’s military uniform will be accepted.
Allied Minimum Standard- WW2 Gun, OD Green top (no combat shirts), OD Green bottoms (no pants with integrated knee pads), No modern gear or helmets.

French Resistance- MUST PRE-REG, ONLY 20 SLOTS, WW2 gun, civilian attire. White or period correct armband on left arm. Please dress period correct if possible. Plain pants with a button up shirt should be fine.

Axis Forces- Any faithful recreation from an Axis nation’s military uniform will be accepted. NO SWASTICA FLAGS OR EMBLEMS PLEASE. German flags are ok.
Axis Forces Minimum standard- WW2 gun, Grey/Black top (no combat shirts) Grey/Black bottoms (no pants with integrated knee pads), no modern gear or helmets.

ALLIED NATIONS: (a sample list)
America England France Canada
Russia China Poland Australia
New Zealand Nepal South Africa Norway

Nazi Germany Italy Empire of Japan

0700- Gates open
0800- Registration/ Chrono open
0915-Safety/ game brief
0945- Head to starting points
1000- Game on (with or without you)
1900- ENDEX

US Paratrooper (behind enemy lines)

French Resistance

Allied Forces

Axis Forces