op:crossroads 2020



The People’s Army of America is looking to expand their territory further. The only ones standing in their way is the American Federation.

When: August 22nd
Price: $40 pre-reg $45 walk on

Operation: Crossroads 2020

This is a domination style event with Frago’s. Capture points will be marked around the AO with flag stations. The American Federation (Red Armband) will raise the RED flag while the People’s American Army (Blue Armband) will raise the Blue flag to denote ownership of any given capture point. Each flag station is worth 50 points. Points will be tallied at lunch break and EndEx. Frago’s will also be given to each team’s commanders. Completion of frago’s earn 100 points per frago. Independent Helicopters will be at this event providing helicopter gun runs. Players in the helo have fiends and may shoot at anyone on the ground. DO NOT SHOOT OR POINT YOUR WEAPON AT THE HELICOPTER EVER!!!! This is grounds for immediate expulsion from the event with NO REFUND. Ticket link for helicopter gun runs will be posted at a later date.
COVID-19 RULES- All players MUST wear a mask while down in staging or inside the Pro-Shop. Once on the field, players may remove medical mask.

Respawns- Players may respawn at their teams respective main base.

Medic Rules- This will be a MEDIC game. Each player should carry two ace style bandages on them (not provided) MSW tourniquets are approved. When a player is hit, He/She will lay down with their RED rag displayed and must begin a 3 MINUTE BLEEDOUT. A medic may then tie the hit players bandage around the hit players arm. Hit player is alive and back in the game once he/she puts their RED rag away. This may be done twice, Upon the third hit, players MUST DO A 3 MINUTE BLEEDOUT BEFORE HEADING TO RESPAWN. Each 10 man squad will have one medic.

Props- Props will be hidden around the AO. Any collected prop is worth 25 points. If it looks like a prop, collect it. Props must be stored at a cache site established by your team commander. Cache sites must be no closer than 200ft from your main base. Enemy cache sites may be raided. Props may only be brought to your main base one hour before EndEx. Points will be tallied after EndEx. Main bases may NOT be raided, fired upon or fired out of at any time!!! Only props in your main base at EndEx are tallied for points.

Weapons- No weapons/ attachment/ magazine restrictions. All weapons are semi-auto ONLY unless player is using an internationally recognized support weapon. Support weapons have a 50ft minimum engagement distance and cannot be used to clear a building. Rifleman have no MED. Snipers have a 100ft MED.
Chrono- 0-350fps with .25= no engagement distance
351-400fps = 10ft MED
401-500fps= 100ft MED
Over 500fps NOT ALLOWED

Grenades- EG-67 (no Taggs) grenades are approved. Grenades have a ten foot kill radius outside of buildings and a one room kill radius inside. Grenades must function as intended. Any airsoft product that has an audible report or ejects BB’s will count as a frag grenade. NO TENNIS BALLS, NO FIRE WORKS, NO NERF.

There is no uniform color requirement. Each person will be given an armband when they check in. You must wear this armband throughout the game. Armbands must be worn on the LEFT arm and in plain sight. Attempting to hide your armband is cheating. If you lose your armband you must immediately find it or go back to registration to obtain another.
ARMBANDS ARE NOT YOURS TO KEEP. At the end of the event you are required to turn them back in.

American Fed- RED armband

People’s American army- BLUE armbands

0700- Gates open
0800- Registration/ Chrono open
0915-Safety/ game brief
0945- Head to starting points
1000- Game on (with or without you)
1400- Lunch break
1515-Head to starting points
1530- Restart
1900- EndEx

People’s Army of America (Blue Armbands)

American Federation (Red Armbands)