Attention Players: Zulu 24 is raffling off a limited number of tickets for a gently used, fully assembled Systema PTW challenge kit. The PTW includes:
1. Fully assembled and functional Systema PTW
2. PDI 6.01 tight bore barrel
3. Replica sight
4. 45 degree forgrip
5. 4 magazines

Raffle will be drawn at the conclusion of Operation Blood Diamond held at Zulu 24 on October 20th,2019. Ticket purchasers must be present at the drawing. You may purchase more than one ticket but, there are a limited number of total tickets.
You do not need to purchase tickets to Blood Diamond to take part in this raffle.
When purchasing a ticket please include your name and address as a physical receipt will be mailed to you. You will use the physical receipt to redeem your ticket the day of the drawing. DONT LOOSE YOUR RECEIPT.
You may also purchase a ticket at Zulu 24.
Price $25



P.T.W. Raffle Ticket