Safety is our number one concern.

Refs duties are to maintain safety and direct game play, not to call players hits

Full seal eye protection 

Eye protection must be worn at all times on the playing field

If you have a problem with your eyepro, contact a ref

Under 18 must wear face protection (no balaclavas)

No mags in guns in the Safe area 

At the end of each game unload and clear chambers

Mandatory red rags. Red light for night time play.  (just because you have a dead rag doesn’t mean you wont get shot again, welcome to airsoft)

All players must chrono primaries, CO2 pistols and gas shot guns

If there is an emergency on the field, immediately call a “cease fire” and contact a ref

Only certified EMT’s , professionally trained players, and Zulu 24 staff should respond to an injury, everyone else stay put.

Admin radio channel is 10, may be used by players in case of medical emergency 

Game Play:

Any shot to a players gear or body is considered a Hit 

Declare the hit by yelling “hit” loudly and putting your dead rag on your head (you will probably get shot again, deal with it) 

If you feel you are being over shot, contact a ref

Dead men don’t talk 

Only call your hit, not the opposing players 

All weapons are Semi-auto only unless weapon is a support weapon

Support weapons must be a direct replica of any internationally accepted light or medium machine gun (not an AK with a drum mag)

Within CQB, support weapons are limited to a 3 to 5 round burst

Support weapon ROF cap is 1200rds/min 

Pistols chronoing under 350fps with .25’s have no minimum engagement distance 

Safety kills mandatory 10ft 

Must say “Safety Kill” and be pointing gun at intended target

Players can only Safety Kill two opposing players at a time

If two players safety kill each other, they are both out 

Pistols over ride safety kills but it must be simultaneous and score a hit

Knife kills are allowed and are executed by saying “knife Kill” while gently tapping the player, no need for a full on baseball bat swing.

All knives must be made of rubber or foam  

No home made pyrotechnics of any kind 

Cold smoke only  

Grenades, mortars and IED’s have a 10ft kill radius outside of buildings and a one room kill radius inside buildings

Grenades must function as intended, duds don’t count.

Grenades may only be thrown thru doors and windows 


Rockets fired from approved launchers may only be fired at structures and vehicles.  A hit to a structure will result in numerically half the players inside the Room directly impacted deemed “dead”.  A second impact to the same room in under 30sec will “kill” the remainder of the players. If a medic is present in the impacted room, he is deemed “dead” upon the first impact. If a rocket impacts a vehicle, the first impact will result in immobilizing the vehicle and does not kill any occupants. A second impact a vehicle within 30sec will result in the vehicle being destroyed and “killing” any occupants of said vehicle.  A vehicle that is immobilized with turn on the Hazard lights, a destroyed vehicle will be marked with a red light. 


Stay on the property

Do not get in the boat 

Don’t shoot animals 

No real fire arms allowed, if you have a concealed carry permit, keep it in the car

No real knives with a cutting surface over 6 inches

No physical contact between players (do not fist fight)


400 fps rifles

500 fps sniper rifles

350 fps pistols