The Deployment

The Deployment

is fully immersive 42 hour continuous experience designed to replicate real operations as closely as possible with airsoft. Participants will be apart of Task Force Palehorse and will deploy to Combat Outpost 1 (COP1) to conduct security patrols, vehicle operations, counter insurgency operations, QRF missions and raids. There will be strict squad integrity, patrol schedules and ridged chain of command, NO LOAN WOLVES OR ROUGE SQUADS. If the role players see lone wolves or squads disregarding their assigned task, they are instructed to notify Admin and they will be removed with no refund. Participants with have to gain the trust of the locals in order to gather intel on insurgent cells operating in the area.

Participants MUST BE 18+ to participate. If you are under 18 and you register, you will be removed. Consider this your warning.

When registering, there will be a drop down menu. You will choose what squad and what role you will fill in said squad. Squads are set up in Marine Corps format. 13 packs total per squad. If you are a part of a team, you may want to register together. There are 52 slots total.

Price $130
Uniform Requirement – Desert Marpat (AOR1 is also accepted)

1st Squad

1st Squad Roles

2nd Squad

2nd Squad Roles

3rd Squad

3rd Squad Roles

4th Squad

4th Squad Roles